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Channel Tunnel Prices - Find the best deals and the best prices for Chunnel and Eurostar

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Note: Please take care to book your route the correct way round. Eg: When travelling from UK, select Folkestone to Calais.

If you're taking the car, Eurotunnel is the quickest way to cross the Channel. Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. Overnight tickets start at 44 return. For longer stays, Standard tickets are from 49 single, but you must book in advance to get these fares. All fares are per car, including all luggage.

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Eurostar operate the passenger trains that run through the Channel Tunnel. They go from London, Ashford or Ebbsfleet in England, to Paris, Lille, Calais, Avignon, Eurodisney, Brussels and over 70 European destinations. London to Paris takes 2 hours 15 minutes, and fares start at just 69 return.

The cheapest deals and biggest choice of tickets can be found at the official Eurostar web site.

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Taking the Car?

If you want to travel by car to France and beyond, the quickest option is to use the Channel Tunnel "car trains". It takes just 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais. Prices start from just 49 per car for a Standard single fare. In a car of 4 people, prices work out at only 12.25 per person! Click here to find the best prices and book online.

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The cheapest Channel crossings are by ferry. Single fares can be found from as little as 19 per car (if you book in advance). Compare ferry and channel tunnel prices here...

Leaving the Car?

Travel in style with the Eurostar passenger trains, direct from London to central Paris in just 2 hours 15 minutes. Prices are from 69 return to Paris, and 65 to Lille or Calais. Eurostar trains also run from Ashford and Ebbsfleet in England, to a range of destinations including Paris, Lille, Avignon, Calais, Brussels and Eurodisney. In fact the list of destinations is almost endless, and includes over 70 towns, cities and resorts in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. See our page on European Train Holidays here.

Visit the official Eurostar website for the best deals and prices. They have the largest choice of tickets and the best range of fares available.

Remember: You MUST book in advance to get the best Channel Tunnel Prices with either Eurotunnel or Eurostar. And it also pays to travel on the off-peak trains - peak time trains will be more expensive.

Compare Channel Tunnel Prices - driving to France

Channel tunnel prices are a little more expensive than the Channel ferries, but taking the tunnel is much faster. If you are taking the car you should always book in advance. You can then simply board your car onto one of the Chunnel "car trains". The journey takes just 35 minutes for your Channel crossing compared with 90 minutes for a typical ferry crossing from Dover to Calais. Click here to find the best Eurotunnel prices and to book online.  Or if you want to compare prices for all channel crossings click here.

Channel Tunnel Prices - No Hidden fees

Channel tunnel prices are per car, and there are no hidden costs, such as booking fees, airport tax or luggage allowance. As the price is per car, you can take all the luggage and people you can fit in one car (legally of course!) without any extra charge.

Channel Tunnel Prices - find the best deals

To make sure you find the best Channel Tunnel and Channel Crossing deals, compare all Channel Tunnel and ferry prices here.

Travelling from England to France or England to Belgium without the car?

If you are travelling without your car, one of the quickest and certainly most comfortable ways to cross the Channel is by Eurostar train. Eurostar trains go direct from central London, straight to the heart of Paris or Brussels. You can also travel from Eurostar terminals in Ebbsfleet and Ashford direct to various destinations in Europe, such as Disneyland Paris (Eurodisney), Lille and Avignon in France.

Destinations across Europe

Of course, once you have crossed the channel, you will already be on the European rail network for onward destinations such as Holland, Germany, Switzerland or Belgium. You can book your full onward train journey through Eurostar, all on one ticket to keep things simple..

Prices start from just 69 for a return train ticket to Paris. Visit the official Eurostar website for the best deals and prices. They have the largest choice of tickets and the best range of fares available.

Channel Tunnel Prices - taking the channel tunnel train

The Channel Tunnel is the link between England and France.

Channel Tunnel Passenger Trains

There are 2 types of trains running through the Channel Tunnel. The passenger train, known as the Eurostar, runs between St Pancras station in central London, to Paris or Brussels, as well as other terminals (Ashford and Ebbsfleet) and other destinations in France (Lille, Disneyland and Avignon). This is perfect for business travellers, those without large amounts of luggage (although there is plenty of room, and passengers are allowed 2 suitcases plus hand luggage). Eurostar is perfect for those aiming to enjoy a city break holiday. Click here for more info on Eurostar trains...

Channel Tunnel Car Trains

The other Channel Tunnel trains are the "car trains", sometimes called Le Shuttle or Chunnel trains. These car trains are built specially for carrying cars, coaches, lorries, and motorbikes. Using the Channel Tunnel trains couldn't be easier. The Channel Tunnel trains are easy to board and super fast, and take thousands of passengers between England and France via the Channel Tunnel every day. Click here to book for the Channel Tunnel...

The Channel Tunnel is the fastest way to make a Channel crossing. The trains are operated by Eurotunnel and journey times are just 35 minutes (typical ferries take almost 90 minutes).

"That's about 1 hour quicker than the ferries!"

Trains run all through the day, almost 24 hours. The early trains are around 1.30am, and the last train around 11.30pm. These off peak trains offer the best deals on ticket prices. Boarding is quick and easy, and disembarkation to the main French road network is smooth and efficient. Once the Channel Tunnel train has delivered you safely to France, you simply drive off the train and directly on to the French road network. Click here to book...

The Channel Tunnel terminals at Folkestone and Calais are purpose built for modern travel and transportation. Both are very easy to get to by car. Folkestone is on the M20 motorway in Kent, and Calais is very close to the A16 Motorway in France. Rough seas or high wind never delay Eurotunnel. Crossings are frequent, with up to 3 departures an hour at peak times. Click here to book for the Channel Tunnel...